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Taxation Services provided by SPMG And Company
SPMG and Company has a skilled team to deal with an ever continuing and increasingly complex body of tax legislation. Tax planning plays a vital part in our approach and our primary aim is to help lawfully to mitigate the burden of taxation. We are advising a number of business entities on Corporate and personal taxation.
A) Taxation services to:
    a)  Corporate Sectors
Besides general tax advisory services, we deal efficiently with computational and compliance work and lay emphasis on effective tax planning. We advise on restructuring the salaries of the staff in order to make it most tax efficient within the legal framework. Arguing matters before Assessing Officer, appellate and Tribunal authorities are all specialities of the practice in the field of Corporate Tax.
    b) Foreign Companies
The firm provides initial and continuing advice on critical tax matters such as
  • Issues of Transfer Pricing
  • Tax planning for expatriates
  • Implication of Tax on mergers and acquisitions
  • Advance Tax ruling for areas that can lead to litigation & Losses in future
B) Personal Taxation advice and Planning for individual
Personal tax is complex and subject to an enormous upheaval because of frequents amendments in tax laws. We ensure that maximum tax benefits are availed and the tax liability are minimised.
The firm has a good liaison with the Tax Department