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The consultancy services provided by SPMG & Company are as mentioned below:
Setting up of a Computerised Accounting System and MIS
The partners of SPMG & Company have assisted the team of one of the Big5 in setting up a complete MIS system for the top management in FMCG and IT industry to have better control. They have successfully implemented Computerised Accounting System to meet the tough requirement of IAS/ USGAAP along with the MIS to ensure proper internal control and procedures. One of the partners was involved for designing the Budget and Expense System for one of the banks in Japan.
Management Consultancy and Due Diligence study
Due Diligence services were provided to Beer and Dry Cereal companies before the take over/ buying more shares and thus controls. Subsequently management consultancy is provided to the acquired companies for the efficient and smooth running of those companies.
Management Consultancy and Due Diligence
  • Business/ Share Valuation of the Company based on Discounted Cash Flows and other methods.
  • Projections, Cash Flows etc for new Projects.
  • Financial Due Diligence for takes over/ merger/ new project.
  • Arrangement of Loans/ Working Capital limits through banks/ Financial Institutions.
  • System Review and defining Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for each level of functions in the organisation
  • IT strategy plans. Provide assistance in evaluating and selecting a suitable ERP/ accounting package. We Assist in development/ Setting up of the ERP system / Accounting package, from the initial stage till the implementation.
  • Development of full MIS reports for the management and at the working level
  • Shareholder Agreements and Joint Ventures.
  • RBI and Foreign exchange matters on foreign investments.
  • Business Risk Assessment Exercise (BARE) to identify high-risk areas in the organisation that if neglected or not adequately focused upon can severely impact the business enterprise. A two pronged strategy of building sufficient policies and internal controls and strategic management decisions are required to manage these risks.
  • Opening and maintaining of Units under STP/EPZ and dealing with STP, EPZ and Custom authorities.