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SPMG & Company has been providing accounting and audit services to clients both India and abroad.
Services provided to international clients
Accounting and Audit Services
Accounting and audit services include the work of compiling the accounts as per International Accounting Standards (IAS) and/ or as per USGAAP, system study and internal control procedures and follow up. The partners also get the accounts audited by one of the Big 5 auditors. The partners of SPMG & Company have a wide range of experience of the requirement as per IAS and thus can advice and assist the internal control and accounting system, keeping in consideration the international requirement. The partners have also carried out the Audit of the FMCG and the Distribution Company as per IAS and US GAAP.
Services to National clients
SPMG & Company provides various back office services like account maintenance, payroll processing and accounts supervision. The company has also done restructuring of the department to obtain high efficiency at low cost.
The aim of SPMG & Company has always been to prevent a client from spending money on unnecessary professional fees. The company sees no reason why a client should pay for more time than what is actually needed. Not only does the company work efficiently but also makes efforts to save cost and reduce the company’s time involvement, other than the most required matters.

The billing is on lumpsum or on the time-spent-basis, depending upon the arrangement with the client and on the nature of the engagement.