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The main objective of SPMG & Co., is to satisfy the professional needs of the clients with a personal touch. This can be best achieved through a close working relationship, which the partners develop with their clients in due course, and their involvement with each and every step of the client’s progress.

SPMG & Company has at present ten partners. These partners have always been at the forefront of professional development. Their professional expertise coupled with wide experience in local and international business environment ensures professional services of the highest order to the clients even while emphasizing a practical, as opposed to theoretical solutions, to problems.
List of the partners are as mentioned below:
Mr Sharad Poddar, FCA, is one of the founder members of the firm. He has 18 years of experience in the field of audit, Tax and Consultancy. He has served international client in setting up the IT system for the MIS reports. His core competency is in providing consultancy to the Information and Technology (IT) Sector, covering various services including opening of subsidiaries and branch offices abroad, dealing with RBI and establishing various STP and EOU units. He has also specialised in corporate governance and risk management.
Mr Trilok Bansal, FCA, is a one of the senior partners and has 18 years of experience. He has specialised in Audit, Direct and Indirect Taxation and Project Financing. He also provides business consultancy to various clients with regard to which he has travelled abroad on several occasions.
Mr Mudit Gupta, FCA, has experience of 16 years in Audit, tax and management consultancy. He has provided consultancy to clients in Moscow, London, Singapore and other countries. He concentrates on Management Consultancy regarding restructuring, re-organisation, business planning, systems and development of an ERP and management audits. He has had the right kind of exposure to serve international clients in terms of JV agreements, entry strategy, tax planning and deals with statutory Government authorities too for various approvals.
Mr Vinod Gupta, FCA, has experience of 15 years in audit and Direct and Indirect taxation. His core competency is in public sector audits, bank audits, internal audits and system audits.
Mr Mandeep Singh Arora, FCA, has 13 years of experience. His field of specialisation is in bank audits and other issues related to the banks. He has been handling public sector audits including manufacturing and construction companies.
Mr Pradeep Gupta, FCA, has 12 years of experience. He has been widely dealing with Sales Tax and Income Tax. He has handled the audit of small and medium level manufacturing companies and other company law matters.
Mr Pramesh Shah, FCA has 11 years of experience and has expertise in the field of individual tax planning, audits, and supervision of accounts of small and medium level enterprises.
Ms. Preeti Gupta, FCA has 710 years of experience. She was also involved in an overseas assignment dealing with internal audit and conversion of accounts as per International Accounting standards. This assignment was with the clients of one of the partners. Apart from this, she has also been involved with tax and audit related matters.
Ms. Vanadana Shah, ACA has 4 years of post qualification experience and has been involved in the audits and maintenance of accounts.
Mr. Swadesh Gupta, ACA has 4 years of post qualification experience and has been involved in the audits and maintenance of accounts.